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Who is Planet CoColleen ~

Colleen O'Dell ~ I'm a Artist, Drone Pilot (CoColleen FPV)  107 License, Videographer/Photographer, and Avid Traveler that enjoys finding the Beauty in all Things. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with people and watching them grow. I collaborate Daily with Atomic Adam and we strive for excellence as we are Atomic Creators. I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I enjoy sharing my vision and the many facets of my heart, mind and personality though my Artist view of the World. ~ 

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CoColleen FPV

                     Atomic Creators

We are excited to bring our creations to Everyone. Drones & Crypto is our Daily grind, so why wouldn't we want to make things exactly how we want them, not a basic frame or basic accessory that works ok...but one that WORKS AMAZING. That is why we have now started making Mining accessory that we know work, that we know you will want and love.The Atomic Jolt Frame is my All Time Favorite drone Frame and it has put all my other frame to pasture. The attention to detail that Atomic Adam put into every last detail show in the Quality and pure Perfection in how this Frame handles. It will be your favorite too.

 Colleen (CoColleen FPV) Planet CoColleen

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